LF Series:

LF Series
Есть на складе (доставка 3-5 дней)

Информация о товаре


No of Positions 3, 4, 6, 12
Current Rating (Amps) 2, 5, 10
Shell Size (dia) 7, 10
Contact Mating Area Plating Gold
Operating Temperature Range (degrees C) -25 to 85, 125
Applicable Cables Cable outer dia.Φ5, Conductor AWG#20, Cable outer dia.Φ5, Conductor AWG#26, Cable outer dia.Φ7.3, Conductor AWG#16, Cable outer dia.Φ7.3, Conductor AWG#26, Conductor AWG#16, Conductor AWG#26, Solder cup inside dia.Φ0.8, Solder cup inside dia.Φ1.15
Termination Style Soldering

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