N Series:

N Series
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Информация о товаре


Generic Name N
Impedance (ohm) 50, 75
Frequency Range (GHz) 0 to 10
Operating Temperature Range (degrees C) -55, -40, -30 to 60, 85
Applicable Cables 0.085 inch semi rigid, 0.141 inch semi rigid, 0.250 inch semi rigid, 1.5D-HQ.SUPER, 1.5D-Q.SUPER, 1.5D-HQEV, 1.5D-HQEW, 1.5D-HQEW, 1.5D-QEW, 1.5D-XW, 1.5D-HQEW, EM-1.5D-HQEW, 1.5D-Q.SUPER, 10D-FB, 2.5D-2W, 2.5D-QEW, 2.5D-HQ.SUPER, 2.5D-QEV, 2.5D-QEW, 2.5DS-FXL, 3D-2V, 5D-2V, 5D-2W, 5D-FB, 5D-FXL, 8D-2V, 8D-GXC, RG-12A/U, RG-14/U, RG-178B/U, RG-402/U, RG-5/U, RG-6/U, RG-21/U, RG-5/U, RG-9/U, RG-58/U, RG-59B/U, RG-8/U, RG-9/U, RG-8/U, RG-9/U, RG-9A/U
Center Conductor Plating Gold, Silver
PCB Mount Type Soldering
Termination Style Soldering
Remarks Conversion adaptor (BWA series)

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